(5e) Out of the Abyss Jailbreak NPCs

A collection of the portraits and statistics for the jailbreak NPCs in chapter 1 of Out of the Abyss. These printouts are similar in size to the magic item certifications when cut out. Extremely handy for quickly referencing the NPC stats and handing them out for the players to use.

The normal AC and weapons for these NPCs have been left out (with the exception of natural weapons and armor) since they will be using scavenged equipment which will change their AC and attacks. Any multiattack capabilities have been noted, so otherwise just use weapons and armor as they normally would. The proficiency bonus, although not printed on this version, is easy to see based on any skill proficiencies they may have. Use your best judgement for weapon and armor proficiencies.

Download (5e) Out of the Abyss Jailbreak NPCs (.pdf)


  1. Jason

    I wish WOTC would include a supplement for campaigns like this, even if it was online, for DMs to use like these cards for all NPCs, Magic Items, new spells, monsters, etc. A quick reference/cheat sheet makes running a game like this so much easier and saves a lot of time prepping for the adventure. I am guessing they do not include this info in the book is because it would take up a lot of space and add to the cost of printing.
    If you continue through the campaign, please keep adding helpful resources like this. Thanks!

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