Tomb of Annihilation Revealable Map (PSD)

If you’d like a Photoshop layered revealable map for exploring Tomb of Annihilation’s Chult, download this PSD and reveal away! It is designed in a similar fashion to the player map that was provided with the Tomb of Annihilation hardcover. It contains layers for both the DM and the player in case you want to swap between them. You could even erase portions of the player map to reveal the DM portion underneath if you want to put new locations on the map. There are some locations that will shift locations between the players and DM version. That’s just how they were provided by WotC; no modifications have been made.

This map uses freely available assets from Wizards of the Coast.

Download (49mb)

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  1. Billy Foster

    Thanks for taking the time to relay your advice and experience with this module. It is very nice to analyze another DM’s take on this module as it can be very unbalanced in the beginning.

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