No, you don’t get inspiration

Inspiration as presented in 5e is kind of janky, both in the way you reward it and in the way it is used. The concept is a good idea, but its execution is hard to pull off and arguably… Read More

Death House: Roll Perception to Advance

Let me get the short version of the review out of the way: Death House is hard but not in a good way, and is not an exciting module without serious DM modification. Death House suffers from the “roll x… Read More

Bordered Cutouts

There was a request for the bordered cutouts that were used for the Out of the Abyss NPCs. Here’s a page of them in PDF format. Download Bordered Cutouts (.pdf)

Perception vs investigation

It’s not really an age old debate, but it’s something I have struggled with a bit ever since I started DMing for 5e games. Much like perception vs search in the older D&D systems, sometimes it’s difficult to… Read More

(5e) Out of the Abyss Jailbreak NPCs

A collection of the portraits and statistics for the jailbreak NPCs in chapter 1 of Out of the Abyss. These printouts are similar in size to the magic item certifications when cut out. Extremely handy for quickly referencing… Read More